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Anti Aging Recipes – Honey Lemon Drink

You are an office lady. Recently you have found that your skin has suffered from premature skin aging. Your skin tends to become dry very easily and this makes the small wrinkles on the skin surface even more profound. Exposure to computer radiation in the office is the major culprit contributing towards your skin health problems.

Honey lemon drink is our anti aging recipe today. The drink is easy to prepare. Regular consumption of honey lemon drink has whitening effect on your skin. Besides, honey lemon drink also has detoxification function and it helps our body to eliminate toxins from the blood.

To prepare honey lemon drink, first of all you have to get all the ingredients right. You will need 2 medium sized lemons and 500 milliliters of honey. Clean and halve the lemons. Then cut the lemons into slices. Next, prepare a clean glass jar. Put lemon slices and honey layer after layer into the jar, that means 1 layer of lemon slice followed by 1 layer of honey and continue until you fill up the jar.

Close tight the jar and refrigerate it for 5 up to 7 days. After 7 days, you can dilute 1 tablespoon of honey lemon with water to drink. Make yourself a glass of honey lemon drink every morning or between 3 to 4pm everyday as these are the times when your skin dehydrates the most.

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I am going to make myself a glass of honey lemon drink now, till then.

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